Hiromi Urabe, July 21, 1942

July 21, 1942
Dear Dad & Ma
How’s the neighbors? Will you thank the
neighbors for the donations they gave me and give
my best regards to them.
In Camp McCoy Kobashigawa, Sumida
and I are in good condition. Saw Tanaka’s
boys twice in camp. Hes allright too.
When we are on pass, we go bowling, skating, swiming, dancing, see baseball games and
picture shows. For picture shows we pay
five cents to see while the civilian people pay
from thirty five cents and up. But in some
towns we pay as much as the civilian pays.
Now the days are getting very hot. It’s not
like the heat in Honolulu. Even under a
tree is hot. To go swimming we got to the
Mississippi River or some swiming pools near
by. There are many snakes too. They come out
in the evening time, which is still light like
three o’clock in Honolulu, and which at that
time the day gets cool. There are about two
and a half feet long and about one inch in
diameter. The day could be very hot but still
the pipe water is very cold. If you had

lemon and sugar you can make lemoneade
drinks. When the day is very hot, the next day
is cloudy and will have thunder and
lightning, will rain all day till the following
day. After that we have sunshine again.
The climate here is very rugged. The day
might be very hot, but the next day is very cold.
One night on pass I went skating. I fell
down on the right side of my ribs. It hurt me
for couple days, so I went to see the medical.
The doctor said, “Have it heated,” so I had my
right side heated. There at the time was
a short fellow who asked me, “If I came
from Honolulu and where about I was living
at.” I answer back, “Yes I came from Honolulu
and lived at so & so place. Then he asked
me again if your mother was attending
the Dr. Okazaki’s place. I said, “yes, that is
my mother.” Then I asked him if you were
Frank. He reply, “yes he is Frank in personel.”
Then he and I had a little talk and I
went back to drill. He told me to give
his best regards to you mother.




Don’t worry about me it was just a
bump that’s all.
I am going to have my three days
leave pretty soon. If I get it by this week
I’m going to Chicago City to see the town.
If the trip is good I will write back
home how good the trip was.
I need two more kaki service
shirts. Will you please send the two kaki
service shirts I have in the clothes
closet, which I left back home rightaway
if possible.
Wish mother and Dad health and
happiness. Please write back soon.

Your Son

Harold H. Urabe