History of the 100th Infantry Battalion

They were men from working class families – mainly from Hawaii – with later arrivals volunteering from barbed wire-enclosed internments camps on the United States mainland. Called to duty in World War II, the men of the legendary 100th Infantry Battalion performed extraordinary feats fighting for their country.

Here are their stories – of their lives as sons of immigrants from Japan growing up in Hawaii’s multicultural society and as an ethnic minority on the mainland; of unwavering loyalty when faced with racism, of perseverance and loss; of the families they nurtured and communities they helped shape after they returned. Their stories are the stories of America.

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Memoirs & Journals

These memoirs and journals contain not only the veterans’ documentation of their combat experiences, but also provide priceless information about social and economic conditions in their communities.

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Photo Collections & Biographies

The photographs shown here were loaned for digitizing by 100th Infantry Battalion veterans and families. Most images have previously not been available to a wider audience. Often a veteran’s collection included photos of his comrades, photos their families may have never seen. In some cases, the photographs included on the website may represent a sampling of a veteran’s total collection.

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Most descendants of the men who wrote these letters will be seeing them for the first time. This was the case for a 100th daughter who has been part of the team developing this website. When she first saw a letter written by her father, she expressed her reaction in Island slang – “It was a chicken skin moment.”

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Puka Puka Parades

The PPPs have chronicled the lives of the veterans and the many Club activities that took place for over 65 years.

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“Remembrances” was published for the 50th anniversary celebration of the formation of the 100th Infantry Battalion.

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Newspaper Articles

Ben Tamashiro, a 100th veteran, wrote many articles about his comrades, including a series for the Hawaii Herald, “From Pearl Harbor to the Po.”

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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the history of the men of the 100th Infantry Battalion by creating this digital library of their stories and photographs and other records of their service to our country.

Besides being a tool for research and education, this website is intended as an ever-expanding repository of information, a living memorial that will honor these men. If you have stories, images or documents such and letters and diaries to share, please contact the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans’ office in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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