Oral Histories and Interviews

Many 100th Infantry Battalion veterans, along with those who served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service, have been interviewed over the course of several decades. The largest collection of oral histories resides with the Go for Broke National Education Center in southern California. Their Hanashi Oral History project interviewed over 1,200 veterans and can be accessed at: http://www.goforbroke.org.

Interviews with 100th veterans reside in this website’s archive, especially articles for the Hawaii Herald newspaper that Ben Tamashiro, a 100th veteran, wrote about fellow comrades whom he had interviewed.

As interview transcripts and/or resulting articles are made available, they will be added to this website.

The following is a list of the 137 veterans from the 100th who were interviewed by the Hanashi Oral History project. The region indicates where they were living at the time of the interview.

Last Name First Name Region
Abe Mas Nevada
Akahoshi Irving Southern California
Akama Paul Hawaii
Akamine Bernard Hawaii
Akamine Seitoku Hawaii
Akita Stanley Hawaii
Akiyama Masao Utah
Anzai Yoshio Hawaii
Aoki Robert Hawaii
Arakaki Alfred Hawaii
Arakaki Robert Hawaii
Arao Henry California
Doi Ben Nevada
Doi Michael Nevada
Fujimoto Kunio Hawaii
Fukasawa Harry Nevada
Goo Willie Hawaii
Hada Chester Hawaii
Hagiwara Hiram Hawaii
Hamasaki Richard Hawaii
Hamasu Mitsuo Hawaii
Hayakawa Kayo Nevada
Hayashi Henry Southern California
Hayashi Shizuya Hawaii
Hoashi Seichi Hawaii
Honbo Roy Hawaii
Horino Kiyoshi Southern California
Ikuma Edward Hawaii
Inouye Isamu Hawaii
Inouye Shigeru Nevada
Ishida Masaru Illinois
Ito Kow Southern California
Ito Yoroku Hawaii
Iwai Warren Hawaii
Iwasaki Akira Oregon
Iwataki Kuwashi California
Izumigawa Stanley Hawaii
Kagawa Noboru Southern California
Kagawa Seigo Hawaii
Kaihara Thomas Illinois
Kami Hideo Hawaii
Kamishita Seiso Hawaii
Kamiya Lawrence Hawaii
Kim Young Oak Southern California
Kimura Stanley Hawaii
Kobashigawa Yeiki Hawaii
Kodama Larry Hawaii
Koga Masao Hawaii
Kon Hideo Nevada
Konno Jimmy Nevada
Koyama George Oregon
Koyano Wesley Southern California
Kurahara Arthur Hawaii
Kurahara Conrad Hawaii
Kuroda Ronald Hawaii
Maeda James Hawaii
Maeda Kay Oregon
Matsuda Don Hawaii
Matsui Yeiki Nevada
Mimura James Southern California
Mitsunaga Ken Hawaii
Miyake Mike Southern California
Miyamura Hiroshi New Mexico
Miyasako Tony Nevada
Miyashiro Oscar Hawaii
Miyashiro Takeichi Hawaii
Morikawa Mugsy Hawaii
Muramatsu Joe Hawaii
Muranaga Kenichi Nevada
Muroshige Kenneth Hawaii
Nakamura Sonsei Hawaii
Nakashima Edwin Hawaii
Nakashima Takeo Southern California
Nakayama Tony California
Nishihara Ed Hawaii
Nishime Saburo Hawaii
Nishimura Frank Nevada
Nishimura Charles Nevada
Nishioka Tommy Hawaii
Nohara Shinko Hawaii
Nosaka Ray Hawaii
Nukuto Tadashi Illinois
Omoto William Nevada
Ono Tokuji Hawaii
Ota Susumu Hawaii
Otagaki Kenneth Hawaii
Oura Mitsuo Hawaii
Ozaki Charles Southern California
Saito Masaharu Hawaii
Sakagami Mas Washington
Sakoda Larry Hawaii
Sato Kazuo Southern California
Sato Masao Hawaii
Sato Robert Washington
Sato Roy Northern California
Sato Ted Utah
Sato William California
Shimabukuro Choichi Hawaii
Shimizu Kazuto Hawaii
Sumida Leighton Hawaii
Taba Seisaburo Hawaii
Tagami Ben Southern California
Taguchi Kazuma Hawaii
Tahara Nash Southern California
Takahashi Al Southern California
Takahashi Mas Southern California
Takahashi Sakae Hawaii
Takashige Robert Hawaii
Takemoto Tsuneo Hawaii
Taketa George Hawaii
Takiguchi Makoto Hawaii
Tamura Warren Nevada
Tanaka Douglas Southern California
Tanaka Motoyoshi Hawaii
Tateishi Tetsuo Hawaii
Teraoka Denis Hawaii
Teraoka Moriso Hawaii
Terasaki Sam Colorado
Teshima Takeshi Japan
Toda Lloyd Southern California
Tohara Martin Hawaii
Tsubota Shigeru Hawaii
Tsuda Rikio Hawaii
Tsuda Thomas Hawaii
Tsuida Masayoshi Southern California
Uchida Gary Hawaii
Uchimoto Dan Northern California
Wada Frank Southern California
Wozumi Ukichi Hawaii
Yamaguchi Kei Southern California
Yamane Hajime Hawaii
Yamashita Haruo Hawaii
Yano Teruo Oregon
Yatsu Lawrence Los Angeles
Yokote Roy California
Yoshihashi Toke Southern California
Yoshitake Hank Southern California