Newspaper Articles

The Hawaii Herald roots go back to 1912 when the Hawaii Hochi was founded by Fred Kinzaburo Makino to serve the Japanese community. In 1942, the Hawaii Hochi name was changed to the Hawaii Herald as a means to seem more “American” after the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. It remained a Japanese language newspaper and in 1952 was again renamed the Hawaii Hochi.

In 1962, the Hawaii Hochi was purchased by a Japanese newspaperman. Six years later, he and the Hawaii Hochi president created a new paper, the Hawaii Herald, to serve the new generations of Japanese Americans who spoke and read only English.

Its articles have focused on the Japanese community in Hawaii and include numerous articles on the Nisei veterans of World War II. Articles on this website are from the special 50th anniversary issue commemorating the formation of the 100th Infantry Battalion and available courtesy of Paul Yempuku, president. The articles by Ben H. Tamashiro, 100th veteran, appear courtesy of Mrs. Gloria Tamashiro.