Hiromi Urabe, July 27, 1943

July, 27, 1943

Dear Mother and Dad
I received your money order
just in time for my furlough. Have
had only seven days so, I went to
Chicago, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. I
thought I never will visit Chicago,
but now I just can’t help seeing
the second biggest city in the United
States. Most of my time was spent
traveling on the train.
When I got to Minneapolis I
met some of the boys from back
home. Met two of the Sumida’s boys
at weeks ends [sic] they sure have
the life of their time. Its a good
place to go fishing swimming, sail
boat & canoe riding. The climate
is better than the state of Missippi [sic]
Missippi [sic] heat is terrible. At Minneapolis
there are many recreation halls, its not
like Missippi [sic] only few.
At Chicago we never been
around very much too, because I came
here before. Its my fourth or fifth
trip here. I want to go to New York
badly, but with only seven days I
changed my mind.
Right now I got a sore tooth,
can’t think much more to write
about so at present I lay down
my pen until I hear from you Dad &
I forgot something I must
ask you Dad. It is about my
insurance. I want to know the
name of my insurance co & the amount
must pay, by the year or half a year.
How is the condition back home.
My health is in tip top condition
never got sick so far. So keep your
fingers cross until I get home
safely. That I can’t guarantee you
Dad & mother how long it will take,
so take good care of your health
Dad & mother. So long until I
hear from you Dad & mother.
Your son truly
Pvt Harold Urabe