Hiromi Urabe, July 4, 1943

Camp Shelby, Miss.
July 4, 1943
Dear Mother and Dad,
It a long time since the last
letter I wrote to you mother and Dad. We had
a tuff going two months of maneuver at
Louisiania. Getting up early in the morning making
our full fill pack and moving up to a new
position. Which most of the time takes about
15 or more miles to hike with one canteen of water,
which is about one quart of water to reach to
the destination. When it is a cloudy day it is
easy to hike a long distance with full fill
pack, which weighs about 15 pounds or more. On
a clear day with the sun ray heat striking
down on us its terrible, because we had to cool
off our selfs and at the same time soak with
perspiration, because of the heat.
When our destination is
reach most of us are tired so we lie down
to rest. Couple of hours later or the next day
most of the boys fills itch and begin to scratch
all over. When looking over very carefully it is a
very small red thing about a size of a needle
point or little bigger, which bites the skin near the
hair pore. It is called chiggers. Its worse than
a mosquito bite because it itches for couple of days.

If it is not taking care of it turns to a boil,
and after a while it leaves a scar on the skin.
In the winter we don’t have
it because its too cold. Saw many non-poisonous
and poisonous snakes. Some of the boys had poison
ivy. It leaves rashes on the body or skin.
Went to New Orleans on a
week end pass. Bought some pictures of French
colony. When the pictures reaches home will you
frame it up on the wall for me please.
Met some of the boys from
Liliha Court as volunteers from Hawaii. Some of
them are home sick and want to be at home
It won’t be long again I’ll
be having my furlough. Going to New York
again, that’s the only place I can think of.
Chicago is alright, but went there about four times.
Visiting Chicago is not much of an expense but
going to New York take quite amount of money. So
mother can you ask Dad to send me some money
for my furlough.
Give my best regards to
Max Sumida and Shige.
To mother and Dad good
health and best wishes.
Your Son
Pvt. Harold Urabe