Letter to Ralph from Saburo Nishime, France, January 30, 1944

Jan 30, 1944

Dear Ralph;

Got couple of your letters lately. I hope that watch of mine gets fixed soon. If it is going to take couple of months better forget about it & throw the watch away.

That money they sent for the presents, keep it & use it for yourself.

Out here in this sector nothing new is happening & as of late it has been very quiet with no Jerry shelling. During the day I spend most of my time sitting around the fire doing nothing except getting fatter maybe. Right now I don’t do much driving because they smashed my jeep up. Occassionally I go to the nearby town but there is nothing much to do there. Practically the only thing one can do is go shopping or get a hair cut, see the movie or go down to the bar to drink & dance with the bar flies. You know how it is when everybody gets drunk the dance gets to be


quite a rough affair especially on a crowded floor like in that bar with everybody bumping into each other. The only time the dance is pretty good is when the 442 Orchestra plays at the Casino on Thursday nights. A good number of pretty dames come out to dance during those nights.

A few of the boys are having a chance to go to Paris. The number going at one time is so small that it’s just about impossible for us to get our chance to go. It’s the same things with this furlough & rotation business. Some of the boys have already come back from their furloughs in the states. Too bad they didn’t make it to Hawaii because they wouldn’t have had to come back once they got there. I think it was a pretty raw deal they got. Practically all of them spent their time around Chicago & the neighboring cities.

Well, that’s all.