Letter to Pvt. Y. Nishime from Sgt. Saburo Nishime, New York, NY, April 30, 1945

To: Pvt Y. Nishime – 36487059
Co. A. 125 Bn. 80 Reg.
Camp Robinson, Ark.

From: Sgt S. Nishime – 30102237
Co. D, 100th Bn. 442 Reg.
A.P.O. 464 c/o Pm. NY NY

Apr. 30, 1945

Dear Ralph;

From the looks of things this war in Italy is just about finished unless Jerry decides to make another stand in the Alps. It wasn’t too rough this last time & we were greatly aided by the Italian Partisans in this sector making possible this rapid sweep through the mountains to the Po Valley. From where we last were you could see right across the Po flats to the snow capped mountains beyond.

Since there were no organized resistance in our sector all we did was to form road blocks to prevent the pocketed Jerries from escaping. You see them giving up by the hundreds & with them some Italian Facists. The facists sure get the works from these Partisans & they can expect the worst after what they did to these Italians.

In some places the bridges were blown up by the Partisans so we had to do quite a lot of hiking also. As usual the civilians were all on the streets to clap hands & stare at us. After you come out of the mountains the people look better fed & dressed & much cleaner. We get plenty of eggs & rice out here.

The rapid advance of the Allies & the good work of the Partisans have probably saved the Po Valley from destruction & starvation that we came across in the south. This ought to be a lot of help in relieving the critical conditions that exist in southern Italy.

We are now garrisoned near a well know city & I hope to visit it in the next few days. I hope your training is coming along fine.