Letter to Ralph from Saburo Nishime, Italy, May 15, 1945

May 15, 1945

Dear Ralph,

I’m in a repot depot in the Naples area now waiting for a boat back to the states & home. Been here a week already & I don’t know when we will ship out for we’re not on the first priority list & probably classed as nonessential men.

Been into Naples couple of times & found it still the same old place with the same rackets runing. Maybe the dames dress a little better today but the price of things have gone up still higher. It cost us a good stiff price to eat fish & macaroni in town.

We left our outfit a week ago up in the Po flat & rode on trucks through Genoa to Pisa. From Pisa we rode on air transports down to Naples & had a good birds eye view of Italy all the way down covering mostly familiar grounds where we fought over.

I don’t know where you will be when you get this letter & I hope it’s still in the states. Better address all my mail home in case you write hereafter.

Brother, Saburo