Letter to Ralph from Saburo Nishime, Camp Beale, July 11, 1945

Camp Beale
July 11, 1945

Dear Ralph;

We will be shipping out of here soon so hold up your mail. If you haven’t already mail the watch send it on home. There’s a possibility that we all will be going home together so it will be quite a mob if that happen.

I finally received an answer from home & it looks like the folks back there are going to have a quite a blow up celebrating Mom’s 60th birthday & my home coming. I hope some of the family in town will be able to go home with me. There’s nobody to go around with on Kauai with Yeiko engaged to that Untens girl Otoyo if you haven’t heared the latest.

I haven’t been around this neighboring towns lately so there’s nothing to write & this weather is still hot as ever. I hope it will be better in Hawaii.

So long Brother,