Letter to Ralph from Saburo Nishime, July 21, 1945

July 21, 1945

Dear Ralph,

It’s pretty cool up here compared to that terrific heat we had at camp Beale & we had our first rain since that time we hiked soak wet in Italy which was around in April.

This part of the country is well wooded & mountainous with snow still on some of the high mountains. Out in the country it still looks wild & desolated with few houses scattered here & there. The streams out here run clear like that of France not like that you find in the East & Middle West.

The heart of town is just a few minutes ride from here but I don’t think I’ll be going into town. I’ve past the stage of where I want
to see things & is satisfied just [staying?] at home. It’s a good size town but not too good a place for us guys from Hawaii.

I hope you sent the watch home by now. In any case you had anymore trouble with it I hope you had thrown it away. When I was overseas I took it apart so many times no wonder they had plenty of trouble it. I think that all for now.

So long,