Letter to Ralph from Saburo Nishime, October 18, 1945

Oct 18, 1945
888 4th Ave

Dear Ralph;

Received two of your letters lately & Fusako also received some too. The “old man” is keeping the watch but I hope he won’t try to have it repaired.

You must have been into the big city lately that means if you had passes while in your latest camp. It must be kind of cool up there now & if I’m not mistaken the Autumm leaves are turning color. I think I liked Autumm the best while in the states & Europe for its cool & the best part all the fruits were ripe about

then. Everytime we have apples I’ll tell them about those days at camp McCoy when I ran into some trees red with apples or the time we first invaded Italy & we used to bivouac under those apple orchard just full of apples with the branches all overhanging & we didn’t care a darn about them.

Here it seems it’s hot all the time registering around 90 all the time & I tell them it would be good to have a change of climate down here too. For working I think it’s ideal around here but it seems to be a monotonus routine.

We’re planing to move for sure this Sunday up to Kaimu & the new address will be 888 4th Ave. Easy enough to remember I think. It sure is a lot of bother moving into a house with all the crap you have to buy. I let Fusako worry with the household stuff while I pay the rent & other finances. We still need a gas stove, refrigirator & I would like to have a car if I can get a good second hand one for below $500.00.

The interscholatic games are going in high gear now
& they draw good crowds.

It looks as tho McKinley will land in the cellar this year for they haven’t won any games yet this year. St Louis is tops & they probably will go on to a championship. I see where your alma matar ain’t doing so hot this year or maybe it was for the last couple of years. Hawaii’s interest is with St Mary’s this year with Wedemyer & Caderra shining for the Gaels.

You must have heard that I had my name legally changed but that doesn’t mean you can sign off your letter with mine like
you did in the last one.

Now those pointers about those crap games I advise you to lay off them for it won’t do you no good & probably will be broke most of the month. I was a consistent loser until the last days at Camp Beale when I decided to risk all my savings & bring all my loses back & it was a lucky thing I did. A good crap shooter plays a cool head game & plays percentage. You have to be long at it to know the ins & outs of it & probably cost you a lot of money to learn. Most guys start with what you
call beginner luck & if he depend on that to win all the time he’ll most likely end up a “sad sack”. If your a consistant gambler you must not depend on luck & should play what we call according to the dice. The main thing with gambling is that you must have money backing you up & only a fool will go into a small game where there is no money with all the money.

My most successful technique was like this. Of course first you must have enough money back of you so you can stand a first bad luck streak. In dice there is what you call a pass & no pass dice. Now before I pass on any more snafu dope we better quit here but if you want anymore dope just let me know.