Letter to Ralph from Saburo Nishime, Camp Beale, November 20, 1945

Camp Beale
Nov 20, 1945

Dear Ralph,

Here I am in California now all ready to go to Hawaii & a discharge I’m pretty sure. We hit the port at New York after being 21 da at sea on a liberty ship. We were stationed at camp Kilmer for a day then took the train for the west coast.

I don’t know where you are right now but I’m writing this letter hoping to catch you still in the states. We’ll be here for quite some time a month maybe so if you receive this letter within 2 weeks time write to this address otherwise address you letters home.

The weather is so hot that I don’t feel like doing anything least of all write a letter. At least if you go to Europe you won’t find the Mercury as high as this. It must be around 100 around here. It was just as bad in New York & probably worst down south.

So long Brother,