Oct 16, 1943

Dear Kay,

Your last letter is dated on the 18th of last month so it must be sometime since I wrote you. At any rate, your letters are always the longest and the best so in all fairness, I’ll try to write as well.

We are now back in Shelby. When we left Enterprise, we went for a short while to a much better and friendlier town called Andalucia. I got a card folder of Alabama there but I couldn’t find any of the town itself in that store. I asked the salesgirl to mail it for me so I hope you get it all right. She was a sweet looking kid with a lot of freckles, 16 years old, and wants to be a secretary. Shes [sic] a high school sophomore, works only on Saturday nights, and says she is sweet sixteen, and never been kissed. After I left, I know I’d forgotten to ask her something. I did, her name.

On the way to camp, we passed thru Mobile. We passed under the Mobile River through some tunnel whose name I forgot. We got home at night and it really was cold on that truck.

It really is beginning to get cold here now. It was 45 degrees this morning and how I hated to get up. I just got my long woolen underwear tonite and I’m already in them. We wear woolen uniforms from now on and it sure is a snappy uniform. Every body’s [sic] bragging about how the blouse looks on them.

For the next two weeks, we’ll be out in bivouac and I can imagine how cold its [sic] going to be. If it gets too cold, damn, Im [sic] not going to bathe in cold water unless I really have to. At least, it wont [sic] be tactical so we can build fires, thank heaven.

They gave us our rifle marksmanship medals today. Sorry I couldn’t quite make expert so I have to be satisfied with sharpshooter. As soon as I get myself a store medal, Ill [sic] send you the G.I. one. Its [sic] not a pin of beauty but I hope you like it. If you’re going to wear it, remember that it’s a sharpshooters[sic] medal for rifle marksmanship, just in case somebody asks you, not the iron cross.

Hal came to see me a couple of days ago. He didn’t stay very long. He took some of the pictures you sent quite some time ago. I believe he’s going on furlough the same time as I am, that is, the first half of November. He was looking real well. I think hes [sic] filled out some. The boys here kid me about being an 18 year old kid. (I’m the youngest in the squad) But they tell me that Hal looks younger than I do. And nowadays I have to use a blade when I shave.

I didn’t know Hal had any girl friends in town. Who knows, maybe hes [sic] a Casanova after all. That reminds me, do you remember the Chinese girl who works in Angello Furnitures that I told you I knew. Her name is Mitzi Kam and I don’t know if she’s still there but if she is, look her up for me will you. Tell her I’d like to write her. If shes [sic] not there, don’t bother. If shes [sic] there but is not interested in writing, tell her to go to hell.

By the way, I’m glad the pin got to you at the right time. I must admit I didn’t know when your birthday was. Well, so long


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