Naples, Italy
Oct 26, 1945

Dear Kay─

We have now been in this depot for about 5 days. Today we were alerted for shipment so it means any day now that we will board ship.

I have seen Hall a couple of times. In fact, our names were together on the list but we got separated. No matter though, we were never really close together any way.

Every night here has seen us out on pass. These being our last days in Italy, we have no wish to spend our spare time in an Army installation, not if we can get out.

To eat anywhere around here, I guess anywhere in Europe for that matter costs a little over a fortune. To cite one meal, four of us ate omellettes [sic] with four eggs and onions in them, very little rice, and one guy had a couple of fish. The bill added up to 20 bucks.

In France, three of us had soup and steak with potatoes, both in a fairly sufficient quantity for 20 bucks. That gives you an idea about the feed.

Because of our short stay here before being alerted, we had no opportunity to visit the Isle of Capri but I suppose its [sic] just another place, only its [sic] an island.

Well, take it easy


Once again, don’t write any more [sic] because it would probably never get to me until I get back.

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