Dec 3, 1944

Dear Sis─

Well, how are you looking forward to Christmas? I hope your Christmas makes up for the lack of it to us bums over here.

I’m writing this letter more or less to tell you that a couple of days ago, I received a return mail, all the way from Hawai‘i. I had it addressed 1128-8th Ave instead of 1129 8th Ave and it came back with a neat little “unclaimed” stamp. It was the first letter I’d written from the hospital in Italy to tell you that I’d been wounded but only very slightly etc. Maybe that’s why Y wrote and asked why I didn’t write and let you know about the wound.

But what I’m worried about is that I wrote several other letters to that wrong address and they may all come back to me. I’m sweating that out. I think I even wrote you a letter lately, addressed to Y’s address.

I’ve sent along a French 5 franc note and an Italian 50 lire note. I just thought you’ll like to take a gander at what foreign money looks like. The currency here and in Italy gets bigger according to its value and it call [sic] for man sized wallets if you’ve got enough of it in the wrong denomination. As yet though, I haven’t seen anything bigger than 500 francs, which, at the moment, is the equivalent of ten bucks.

I received a couple of letters from Y and Grace. I guess by the time you get this, Junior will be just about a month old, providing Y ran everything according to schedule.

Well, take care of yourself.


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