Nov. 6, 1944

Dear Sis,

I guess you must have received by now the same old telegram as before, stating that I was wounded in action. Let me say as I did before that I’m all right, the wound is nothing to worry about. In fact, I’m worried that it’ll heal too fast and that I’ll have to go back to all the misery and everything else that goes with the front lines. I may say, if not embarrassedly, that the wound is in that portion of the body that is popularly used for sitting. I could think of a hell of a lot better places to get hit, but shells wasn’t particular as to who, when, or where they hit.

Incidentally, Madeline Carroll was the Red Cross on the hospital train on which I was evacuated. I don’t know how many times I’d seen her, but being a very “sharp-eyed and observant” person, I never knew it until I got off the train.


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