2628 Hos. Sect.
Dec. 13, 1944

Dear Sis─

I was just thinking that my letters should have reached you just about now. I mean the letters I wrote after I got in this place. And now I guess it won’t be long before they kick me out of here.

I just had a bottle of beer, courtesy of the px system, and I’m wishing a lot of things. A bottle of beer can remind a GI of a lot of things. For instance, about the time in Italy when the squad all got together over our ration of beer (12 bottles per man it was) and had a fine time. I hope the day comes soon when we can all get together over our beer again, and not have to worry about going into battle again.

I’ve seen a few shows lately, none of them much good except “Casanova Grown”. There’s a French stage show scheduled for tonight and I don’t expect to miss it. I don’t think it’s one of them “can can” type you may have read about, but you can bet that a lot of guys wish that it was.

I met a couple of old friends that I knew were here and they were doing all right.

I hope you’re doing all right at whatever you’re doing right now. Lately, I’ve written a little oftener than I usually do and so I find that I have nothing much to write about. Well, so long.


Hang on to those franc notes for me. It’s a souvenir, unless you want then.

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