Jan 29

Hi Sis─

I got one of your letters today and I figured its [sic] about time I did some writing myself. Fact is I was going to write a little earlier but you know how it is, I just didn’t get around to it.

I’m glad to know that Hal is on the ball with his writing. I might say, though, that their set up is a hell of a lot better than ours. Us foot soldiers get the lousy end of the deal.

On the way back from the hospital (there was a whole bunch of us) there was one kid from the Anti-Tank (not from Hals [sic] company) and we used to razz him with a song that ran something like, “Mother, Mother, take down that service star, Your sons [sic] in the Anti-Tank.”

You’ll see that my writing is sort of ragged but that’s because its [sic] so damn cold in this shack it kinda [sic] runs the fingers numb.

You say Hal gave you an encouraging description of his surroundings. I certainly wish I could do the same. Up here about all it runs to is mountains and snow. But don’t think that it’s miserable and all that because it’s not too bad. Certainly much better than “actually” being on the line.

You asked me if I got that Xmas stuff you sent. No, not yet, but don’t let that bother you, maybe I’ll get it next year. And thank [sic] for the offer but I don’t need anything. At any rate, if I asked you for something and you sent it, I probably wouldn’t need it by the time I got it.

I’m fine and I see you’re taking care of yourself. Well, so long


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