Miss Kay Izumigawa
1470 Lusitana St
Honolulu 39 Oahu

Pvt Stan Izumigawa
Co A, 100th Bn
APO 34, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y

Anzio front

Dear Sis─

I got your letter yesterday, dated February 16, along with Y’s and Neasan’s letter so I got the picture back there pretty well. Am glad to know that you are doing ????? back there. I hope Ethel is okay, same for Harry and “Tex”. No, I didn’t contact Paglow’s (?) friend in Memphis and I certainly can’t now. The ????? now goes for Edith’s friend in Washington too. Tell her I’m sorry and she might as well forget about it, it won’t change the price of sugar anyway.

You’ve probably seen pictures of action on this front. Well, the terrain is about the same on the whole front so you can get an idea of what it looks like from them. I’ll add that there’s a lot of dead farm animals lying around and they sure as hell stink the place up. If we didn’t have holes to jump or stay in, we’d probably be laying around too. One good thing though, the cold seems to have gone. The old timers say this is nothing as compared to how Casino [sic] was. Well so long.


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