March 18

Dear Sis─

I know its [sic} a hell of a long time since I last wrote but then I have an excuse. Four of my letters addressed 1128 or 9 came back to me after having been practically next door to you. What really made me “lose fight” was the fact that I had written beaucoup more and had addressed them in the same manner. If any more come back, then I’ll really be ——.

But then I don’t suppose you’re interested in any excuses. I’m all right, I could feel better, but I’m all right. The winter has passed here and life (considering the fact that a war’s being fought here) is ideal. Ideal isn’t really the right word but that’s just about what it is. Much to my benefit is far as letter writing goes, that [sic] just about all I can write because of the familiar reasons of military security.

Hal, I hope, has been more on the ball than I have been with his letters. Anyway, tonight I feel lazy as usual so I’ll rest my brain now.


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