April 27, 1945


Its [sic] a long time since the last, I know, but I thought I’d write a letter before it got too long.

I’m sitting in a Red Cross building as I write this. It’s a nice place, music and what not. You wouldn’t think theres [sic] a war going on, sitting in here.

My rear end hurts like a bastard though. Yesterday we were on bicycles for at least 7 hours and some of the streets weren’t exactly smooth. We must have gone thru every other street in the town. The place, incidently [sic], is Florence.

Look, I don’t know how you do it, but I can’t match those long letters of yours. Hal and I were talking about it once and he rates your letter as tops too.

When I write, I am very tempted to make duplicates, but with three of em [sic] going to Honolulu, ─

Well, take it easy


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