May 1, 1945

Dear Sis─

This being May Day in Hawaii I was just wondering how things were like. But then I guess the only people who do anything about it are the schools, all the way up from the grade schools to the university. Maybe as I am writing this letter somebodys [sic] crowning a queen, huh.

I don’t think people around here even know what May Day is to people over “there,” there meaning where you’re at. It’s sort of rainy here today, and I think by now you know what the G.I’s impression of rain is.

A correspondent from the Star Bulletin is here now. She was in this area for about a day and wanted to know what we thought about this and that. We “shot the bull” about other things too, of course. Her name is Lyn Crost and she seems to be a nice person, even though she calls us kids.


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