May 13, 1944

Dear Kay─

I just got your v-mails of March 20 on yesterday. Mail is always a welcome sight here.

Y wrote me also and informed me that the picture book had arrived. I’m very glad to know that it was an asset to you. I may have a chance to see R. Kawahara and thank him later on. Incidentally, he is one of the boys in the our squad back in the 442, a Maui boy—-.

Yep, the beach. That is one thing associated with Hawaii that always brings all kinds of thoughts into your head. Memories mostly but here we talk about the beach, any beach, and the talk includes more than just the fishing stuff. Where you are, I can imagine how crowded its [sic] going to be during the summer. I hope you get along nicely.

About Nakashige, the next time you bump into the guy, give him my address and tell him to write me. I don’t have his address. I lost it a long time ago. And ask him if he knows where Agena is hanging around. I haven’t had contact with them both for ages.

You can see that I am okay. The life here is for us basicly [sic] still the same, but we expect a change.

Up to a few days ago our chow wasn’t so bad bad. We used to go on patrols and we’d bring back something green to cook with the rations. Sometimes we’d have cabbage, onions, and garlic with beef (from cows that are fool enough to get shot) or mutton. But now, the supply of greens is finito.

I can’t write about anything I desire to but right now that’s [sic] no humbug to letter writing. Its [sic] not bad here but it certainly is not a bowl of cherries. Thats [sic] now, I can’t say for the future.

We sure miss the life back in Hawaii. We miss most, I suppose that which has
hair on its head and runs around on two legs. Ketch?

By the way, I had a bath a few days ago but I’m a mess already and I was doing all right on the job of camouflaging my face with a moustache but somebody was always squaking [sic] about stuff like that so I no longer have my soup strainer.

Well, take care and be happy— Love

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