May 6, 1945

Hello Sis─

I just received today a long letter from you and it sure carried a lot of news. I also received the Christmas package you once asked me about. I would have received it sooner except for the fact that I “visited” the hospital and its [sic] been following me around ever since. I see you have taken it for granted that I’m a smoker, well, you’re just about right. I’m not sure about it, but that red stone on the ring is a birthstone, is it not. If I remember correctly, its [sic] a garnet, right? Well, thank [sic] a lot, all of you, for it. I hope it didn’t set you back much. Incidentally, its [sic] a perfect fit, on the middle finger.

I was very much interested in what you had to say about D.H. Sounds like hes [sic] a persistent fellow, and I bet you like it. Well I’m certainly in no position to give you any advice, but anything you do, Kay, is all right with me.

I don’t know how you folks celebrated the surrender of the German Armies in Italy and elsewhere, but I didn’t do any at all. But I’m damn glad its [sic] over, damn glad.

I spent a couple of weeks in a rest campus and got to see a lot of shows etc. One of the shows was “Objective Burma”. It was a good show all right, but soldiers who’ve been in combat can offer a lot of criticisms to it. But at that, we don’t know much about combat over there.

I must say that this, the upper region of Italy is definitely the better part of it. The scenery and cities around here look pretty good, and the two legged stuff even more so. There are some places, of course, where war shows its effects.

Well, take care of yourself.


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