June 22, 1944

Dear Kay─

I got your gentle hint which said “please write more often.” The way I write letters, I don’t like to do it until I get in the mood to do so, but it being that those periods are few and far between, I guess I have to write.

By the time you get this you’ll know definitely where Hal is, if you don’t know yet. That man seems to have a habit of making his whereabouts a mystery to you. Hes [sic] with us, he came to see me the first day, but he wasn’t around when I went around to visit him. Maybe I’ve told you before, but he’s a damn lucky fellow to be in the regiment’s anti-tank co. He’s probably been on a pass to Rome too.

Rome, on a 12 hr’s [sic] pass (5 hrs traveling time) isn’t much. Mostly we hoofed it here and there, not knowing where we were going, and not caring. St. Peters Cathedral in the Vatican City is probably one place every G.I. on pass in Rome has seen. The interior of this cathedral is something beyond my description. The walls, the ceilings, etc are adorned with the best of paintings, carvings, and statues of various men and times, I suppose. The color and beauty of it all, I suppose one will never forget having seen it, but then I don’t think he can remember what he has seen. Incidentally, some of these paintings etc were the works of Michelangelo.

I did not wait to see the Pope, but a lot of fellows did see part of him, at least. What I know of the rest of Rome is that is just like another city, minus all civilian vehicular traffic, with the regular overcrowded street cars, and a people that speak a different language.

I have to stop around here so that I won’t be stuck with something to write about to Y. I just got a letter from her together with yours and she writes air mail now.

I’m closing now.

P.S. Thanks, I got the pictures and they’re O.K. Incidentally, I’m sending a 100 bucks back, so slap it in the bank and see if I got a beneficiary.

So long

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