Italy, Aug 13

Dear Sis─

Hows [sic] the ole’ girl? Me, I’m fine. Right now I’ve got a tight belly, full of this and that. Today four of us walked around here a bit and hustled together some “manjari” as the Dagos say it. We had rice, onions, pepper, celery, and eggplant, all of which put together with the regular chow made quite a meal. God knows we tried to get some chicken but the Dagos seemed pretty much attached to them. Besides, the chicken themselves were a little too fast for us.

While I’m on the chow subject, I might say that our regular chow now isn’t so bad sometimes and sometimes it’s not so hot. All in all, were [sic] pretty well set here but I hate to think of the 24 hr. problem we have comming [sic] up in a couple of days. I got out of a 12 hr. deal by visiting the dentist. But it wasn’t goldbricking, I did have a tooth filled.

We have church services here regularly, whenever its [sic] possible. (Meaning when were [sic] not on line). This morning, we had the F.A. band playing and they were all right. Can’t tell you much about the service, being that I’m not a very religious man. I go so that I don’t have certain things on my conscience. Besides, I figure I need God’s help when I’m on the front.

A couple of days ago they issued us combat shoes, you wouldn’t know what they are but we got em anyway.

We also got our combat infantry man’s badge, which is an affair that distinguishes between “fighting men” and those that haven’t seen action. Pay of an extra 10 bucks goes with it, thanks to the efforts of Ernie Pyle. I don’t think much of the extra pay, but the badge call for some respect and I guess it’s a proud man that wears it legitimately.

Well, so long.


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