August 2, 1944


I’m writing this to make the time faster, thinking of 1:30 when we get off guard, or rather off our post duty. Aside from the weariness and sweating out business involved in this, all is well. It’s a little hot, yes, but there’s a slight breeze and it feels good to be shirtless.

Here in Italy, it is the time of year when the grapes are ripe, the fruits (what there are of them) just waiting to be picked. And owing to the circumstances, no paesanos, just us around here to benefit from it all. Incidentally, there are fowls and rabbits too, just the atmosphere for guys like us. I said “just us” around here, well, I take it back. Jerry’s over a little on the other side, and I imagine he’s enjoying the same too, along with a few others.

Well, so long.


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