Camp Shelby
August 29, 1943

Dear Kay−

Well, we’ve completed our basic, test and all. We start on advanced basic Monday and I suppose its [sic] going to be pretty tough. This last week was testing and out in the bivouac area, we really ran across a lot of snakes, coral snakes, rattlers, water moccasins, and a lot of harmless ones. Some of the fellows skinned a few snakes but skinning snakes doesn’t appeal to me.

I never was so tired in all my life as I was on that day we hiked 6 ½ miles to the bivouac area, during the hottest part of the day. When we finally got there, I took off my pack and slept for almost an hour. Then, still feeling lousy, dug and camouflaged my slit trench, and pitched and camouflaged tents.

We ate about 10 at night, and since we were assuming actual war conditions, there were no lights or talking or any noise whatsoever. We get enough to eat, but drinks are lacking. We practice water discipline and at times, we can’t get water when we really need it, and get lots of it at other times. Nobody dies of thirst, though I sometimes think I will, so I’m not squawking.


I understand Hal came down to see me today, but I wasn’t in so I’ll look him up tomorrow. I’m sending over a withdrawal slip.

So long,

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