August 9

I kinda forgot about the letter, but I’m back. For a week or so, we had access to the Red Cross, it being on the opposite corner of the cross road [sic]. They had pastries and coffee, ice cream – thats [sic] all on the eating side. Then they got some Italians to furnish some music ocassionally [sic], and had our boys playing once. The rest of it included checkers & what not, reading & writing rooms etc.

I’ve just read one of your letters, the one in which you mentioned the D-Day newsreels. I’ve never seen any D-Day newsreels and I hope you know what you’re talking about when you speak of its realistic nature. One thing though, its [sic] a much bigger show over there now than it is here, but for the individuals, I think its [sic] just the same.

Incidentally, I’m out of the hospital now, it was nice while it lasted.

As for the dough I sent back, slap it in my account, if I have any.

This is August and you say you have a vacation comming [sic] in November. I hope you enjoy it. I sure wish we could get a “vacation” then too.

I was just thinking, this month may be your birth month so if it is, happy birthday when the day comes. If it aint [sic], just excuse my ignorance. Anyway, I’m thinking it’s the 19th.

Well so long


P.S. About this draft business, if any of the beach kids are still around, ready to be drafted, tell em [sic] don’t get in the infantry cause “he’ll be sorry.”

Note change in address

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