Anzio, No Date

(No date)

Dear Sis─

I read in the Stars and stripes that the blackout in Hawaii has been lifted. Now we are really going to miss the place. I can hardly remember the days when there were no blackouts. But what I can recall is something pretty good. Blackouts here will never be lifted until the God damn war is finito. And finito I hope it will.

Over here the war is still going on. We’re taking it a little easier than before but the life is the same. All rumors indicate that Hal and the rest of ‘em are coming over, if they are not already here. I guess pretty soon Hawaii is going to have a surplus of yellow paper.

I am still in the best of health, I think, but if I don’t get to have a bath pretty soon, I don’t know what I’m going to be, stinking mess that I am now.

I have acquired a souvenoir [sic], a pair of German binoculars that are used for observation of motor fire. I may send it home later on, maybe not.

Well, take it easy─


Give my regards to Ethel.

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