Dec 28 1943Dear Sis─

Hi, Happy New Year, even if this will get to you after the first. I certainly hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday. I didn’t. There wasn’t much to do, really.

I see from the papers that there are many fellows getting wounded or killed in Italy. I guess some families now realize what war is. But those fellows ae surely doing good. Our own colonel remimed [sic] us that its [sic] gonna be a tough job to be as good as the 100th is.

I didn’t have anything to do tonight so I thought I’d write. I saw the show “Destination Tokyo” last night and it was pretty good. Joe Louis was in an exhibition fight at the field house tonight, along with Roy “Sugar” Robinson, and Jackie Wilson but we got in a little late so I didn’t get to see them.

They showed a newsreel last night about the Congressional Library showing the original Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. That reminds me that we’ve been there and looked at the documents.

And in a late issue of either Time or Newsweek, you may have seen pictures of Gail Parker, the “Devil Dancer,” in a Chicago night club. We saw her while we were there and I might say that the rest of the floor show was pretty good too.

I guess I didn’t tell you but there is a mainland kid in our squad who has a sister and brother in Chicago. When we went up there, we looked them up as he had asked us to do. They were really nice to us. That night we took the girls to a show, but the situation was rather sorrowful, with four of us and two girls.

We had a date with them after we came back to Chicago and this time there were four girls. I might say that they were awfully nice girls, very friendly, and anybody would think that we were old acquaintances. Nothing like Lana Turner, of course, but nobody’s squaking [sic]. Sometimes I think that they were a lot nicer than any of the Hawaii girls I know. When we left Chicago, they came down to the station to see us off. They even bought a goddam nice lunch, a box of chocolates, fruits, and cookies for us to eat on the train, which we did, gladly. The kid’s sister sent us a box of cookies for Christmas. We sent ‘em all a card for Christmas along with our thanks.

Right now, I was just thinking how dumb I was. When I sent my Christmas cards to Hawaii, I forgot to send one to Ethel and Harry. Thats [sic] how absent-minded I am but there’s no use being sorry about it now. I hope they had a nice Christmas and give her and him and Tex my best regards.

Hows [sic] Y, did she make the trip home all right. In her last letter, she told me that by the time I read it, she’d be home. I hope moms [sic] all right.

Its [sic] 12 now, and all good people should be asleep in bed so ─ so long,


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