No Date – Italy


Dear Kay─

We’re not in action so I’m all and well. This business of not being in action suits me fine but the situation as it is going to be doesn’t. I’m bitching. I know it won’t make a damn bit of difference, but still I’m bitching. This man’s army sure can do a lot of things to make a guy mad and lower morale.

Theres [sic] something I’d like to write about but I don’t suppose I can so I won’t even try to. And I don’t know why but today I don’t feel good, I’m disgusted and what not.

Today the old timers received their combat infantry man’s pins; we have yet to get ours. At least that pin may mean 10 bucks more to whoever gets one. Hal and the rest of ‘em are here with us now. Hal came up to see me a few days ago. The gang I was with before, I’ve seen already. It was nice to see the good old friends again.

We just read the good news in the Stars and Stripes of the air attack on Japan proper by super bombers and I hope theres [sic] more raids comming [sic]. When the war’s over here, I sure don’t want any part of another, so the quicker they finish Japan, the better I like it.

I’m stuck now, don’t know what to write about. Out here we forget a lot of things. We event forget the date and what day it is sometimes, and all that we had been thinking of writing.

The days sure are hot and I’m hoping and praying that it gets cooler as June passes away. There is some consolation in the fact that arrangements have been made for us to go swimming. But stuff like that is pretty rare and doesn’t last long enough.

They had a movie the other night but it sure as hell didn’t raise morale. It was either no sound at all or squeaks etc and the boys got so disgusted, most of ‘em went home. Somebody told me the sound was all right a little after we left. Well, thats [sic] how it is.

I just re-read this letter and it doesn’t seem to make sense but anyway it’s a letter. Take care of yourself.


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