No Date – Possibly 12/1943 (2)

No date (possibly Dec 1943)

Dear Sis,

Well, hows [sic] everything? I suppose everybodys [sic] waiting for Christmas. As for us, we may have a white Christmas but I sure as hell wish I could spend my Christmas in Hawaii.

We spent our Thanksgiving day out in the field. I might say that on that day, we had the best meal in all our 8 months in the army. Enough to fill us to the top, good stuff too, and cigarettes and candy for good measure. None of this picnic stuff though, like you said some of the kids were planning.

I left on my furlough on the 27th of Nov. and returned yesterday, the 11th. Gosh, I certainly hope I can get another furlough after maneuvers. Furloughs have been cancelled again and those fellas who have not gone yet don’t know how they stand.

Our destination was New York but we went by way of Chicago. You know, I never did dream I’d see all these places a year ago, but the army sure changed things. I remember that on the troop train comming [sic] over, we stuck our necks out to see every city we passed thru, but now, on the train, we make no effort to see whats [sic] outside unless you know theres [sic] something special. Having been to New York and Chicago, we find that there is not much difference in the town itself. Theres [sic] theatres and what not as you would find in any other place.

The worst part of all was the traveling. Not that it was crowded, but one really never gets comfortable in a coach especially if he has to travel in one for 24 hrs. The drunks who were yelling half the night certainly didn’t help any. Any way [sic] though, we reached Chicago all in one piece and happy.

Chicago was pretty cold and we really needed our overcoats. It snowed once while we were there, and it was the first time I’d seen snow fall. It was rathy [sic] windy and dusty the rest of the time.

The main place of Chicago, that is the “broadway” of Chicago, is Randolph St. The first thing we did was to take in the museums and aquarium. The Field museum of Science and industry is so big it would take over a year to look at everything carefully. The aquarium was of mostly fresh water fish. All this, incidently [sic], is not in Randolph Street. Randolph is the entertainment side.

We went to a show (4 guys and two girls, nihongin of course) and got to see Blackstone the Magician and Borah Minirsih [sic] and his harmonica gang of about 6 boys on the stage. They were featured in the move “Always in My Heart” which I believe you saw.

I don’t remember any of the names of the theatres at all. At another place, we saw Phil Spitalny and his all girl orchestra. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard him on the radio many times, at least I have. They were really good, I thought. The individual and group talents were right there too. He has three sisters signing, and three other soloist singers, all of whom sing differently, the type of song and their voice, I mean. He has one male impersonator and of course they all combine, the orchestra and all except for a few who play as the chorus sings, to form the chorus you hear at the close of the program. One of the fellows really wanted to hear this and he says that its [sic] the best orchestra he’s yet heard.

That first night in Chicago, we went into the “Nankin” restaurant and helped ourselves to a big Chinese meal. I met some of the boys from our company there whose furloughs were nearly ended, and now I know how they were feeling.

In Chicago, we borrowed a camera from one of the girls and got a few pictures which I’ll send you as soon as they are developed. We must have walked half of Chicago, looking for film.

That reminds me. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t locate a bathing cap. I sure would have liked to send you one, but no dice, in Chicago or New York. I’ll tell you about Washington in the next letter.

You know how lazy I am, don’t you? Well, since I have to write Y right now, I’ll tell her about New York and you can learn from her what I did there, okay? Okay.

Well, solong [sic]


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