Oct 24, 1943Dear Kay,

Well, here I am again. Its [sic] miday [sic] Sunday and I’ve just gotten up. I went into town last night and I got another pin, the same as the first. That was my first trip to town in a very long time and I might say that I had completely forgotten about the bathing cap. I’ll try to remember next time and will get one if there is any to be had.

No, you’re wrong, I haven’t been on my furlough yet. I wasn’t en route on the furlough when I wrote from Enterprise. I guess my letters have caught up and that by now you know what’s what. I guess its [sic] rather confusing because the letters take a heck of a long time to get there. At any rate, due to complications, the furlough is still some time away, the number of days is rumored to have been cut, etc.

The boys in our hut and others from our company had another beer bust last night. Singing, dancing, yelling etc, boy they were really going to town. A couple of seargeants [sic] tried to break it up but that made it merrier. They finally called a regimental guard to quiet them. A few of them are still asleep, I don’t know when they’ll get up.

We fired the Browning Automatic rifle a few weeks ago and we had a nice time. Its [sic] a fast firing weapon and hardly any kick to it, but it jumps all over hell. I guess thats [sic] about all I should tell you about the B.A.R.

Last week, we also got to fire the rifle with a grenade launcher attached. The grenade, of course, was just a dummy. This one kicked like a mule, and it threw me off my balance and on my butt when I fired it from the kneeling position. Neither of them is secret in any way but I suppose I should limit my discussions on them. By the way, did you get any mail from me that was censored in any way? I hope not.

I suppose that the A.J.A. over in Italy is really the most interesting topic to you people. I saw a news reel which ran a short feature of them over there. You can bet your boots that we’ll be going over sometime. Those over there call themselves the guinea pigs for us and I might say that they have an excellent record, something which I’m sure will be hard to live up to.

I’m glad to know that restrictions in Waikiki have been lifted. I hope Ethel enjoyed her vacation which you said terminated on the 15th. I can’t imagine a small girl like her losing any more weight; what would be left? Anyway, give her my best regards.

Its [sic] pretty close to 3 now so I’ll have to take in a show or something. I haven’t seen much shows lately, just “Sahara” and “Girl Crazy” both of which were pretty good.

Next week, we’ll be out again, as we were last week. Last Wednesday, we came in for a regimental parade and to be inspected by the assistant secretary of war, I believe it was. Gosh, it was hot with the coat on, and when I got back, my brand new pressed shirt was all wet. That day, we hiked 6 ½ miles with pack in 80 minutes and now I’ve got several blisters to show for it.

I wrote home lately and the next letter I write will have to be to Nesan so I think I’d better take some stationery out with me. Well, so long, take care of yourself.