Camp Shelby,
Sept 2, 1943Dear Kay−

They’ve started giving furloughs in our outfit and right now nobody can go because they are practically broke. Today, all furloughs for 3 weeks were cancelled and those who had just left were called. We’d been 20 minutes out of camp when there was a new order. We’ll be moving out of Mississippi for three weeks. They’ve told us where we’re going and we may go any minute. I can’t tell you where, at any rate, I’d better not but I’ll let you know after the three weeks. I may before that, if its [sic] permissable [sic].

I plan to hit [sic] for New York or Chicago on my furlough and I need money. I have $200 of my own money in the bank so please send me 150 of it, right away. I believe you can get that much and I’ll send over those slips to replace what I’ve dragged out of you.

I don’t know how Hal is going to manage on his furlough as I don’t believe he has any reserve at home. He may lean on you and yor [sic] mom, though I doubt it. I’d like to have about $250 (which I probably won’t unless I borrow some) when I go. Incidently [sic], the furlough is for 15 days and while I’m here, I going to try to see something. I don’t know but this may be the only furlough I every get so ─. But I’m making one thing clear, I don’t want you to get any ideas about sending me any money whatsoever. You’ll probably need what you earn anyway.

I have $20 right now, $30 loaned out, and we’ll be paid ($30 for me) in a few days so I’ll be pretty well fixed if you can send me $150. I’m sending some slips, one of which I hope is filled out correctly. I won’t fill in the date though, I guess it’ll be easier if you did that.

Boy, one really has to figure on a lot of things at a time like this. Getting civilian shoes, (I threw away mine at Schofield), handbags fitting our woolen clothing, and what not.

I guess that’s enough on this matter.

I’m getting along fine and I certainly hope you are managing to elude all those mosquitoes with the dengue fever. It seems to be getting to be quite a serious matter. And I certainly hope none of Nesan’s kids or any body [sic] else get it.

By the way, drop a hint to Y that she hasn’t answered my letter yet, will you.

So long

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