Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Dear Sis─

Well, here it is the President’s Thanksgiving again. There’s a lot we’ve all got to be thankful for but I won’t go into all that. Besides, even if it is Thanksgiving, there a lot of things to bitch about and be sorry for if you don’t take a preacher’s attitude toward the whole works.

In the hospital, we had our turkey and I understand we bed patients got the best of the deal, Germans and all. The rest of the meal included stuffing, peas, potatoes, apple pie and sweet candy. We really got filled.

Incidentally, we had a piece of bread and jam with a cup of coffee for breakfast. The French guy in our ward must have thought that its [sic] a funny day, starve for breakfast and then the dinner ─.

The Stars and Stripes mentioned that troops in the front lines would probably get their usual C or K rations, maybe 5 in one’s, cold. Nothings [sic] too good for the boys in the front lines, they say, but I’m glad I’m not up there.

Theres [sic] some wounded guys around here who had written home that they were in France and they got “very nice” replies from home. There was one mother who wrote that she had seen pictures of Americans in Paris and she thought it was pretty good. She thought thats [sic] the way it was with her son but the poor guy had never been anywhere near Paris, hadn’t even had a pass since he’d been here. I guess people back home think all of France is Paris, which shows how much they know about the war.

Any pictures taken are those in safe areas of rear echelon troops, or those taken of combat troops when they are not in the lines. A few are actually taken in the front lines, but a lot of the supposedly “in action” shots are faked. It’s happened to us. So, don’t believe too much in pictures and write something like “I saw a picture of so and so doing this or that, is that what you’re doing?” Frontline troops are very touchy after a while.

Well, I’m still okay, getting along fine and dandy. I’d write oftener if I weren’t so damned lazy or if I could get ahold [sic] of some more stamped envelopes. But don’t send me stamped envelopes or anything like that. Just take care of yourself and I hope you had your chicken or turkey.

Love Stan

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