T/Sgt Andrew M Okamura, 06/05/1945

Somewhere in Italy
5 June 1945

Dear Mr. Turner:

I thought you might be interested to know that 38 of us, all except one from the former 100th Bn Sep are here in this reception center, scheduled to be sent to the States by air. There we will be processed on the redeployment systems and I am quite confident that we will all be discharged.

As rumors have it, 98 more were to follow us but I really don’t know whether they will go by sea or air. If the rumors become facts, nearly all the old One Puka Puka boys will be out. You can imagine what the 100th Bn will be like when the boys take off!

A flood of water has passed under the bridge since you left and I regret to inform you that the 100th isn’t what it used to be. It lacks not only in spirit but many other things. The old boys are valiantly


trying to hang on to the old spirit and traditions but I am afraid their efforts are in vain.

I hope that when we all get together in Hawaii and form the 100 Club, we can recapture the old spirit. If the enthusiasm and hope of the boys are any indication, I am sure the club will be a success.

By the time you receive this letter, it shouldn’t be too long before I can drop in on you and enjoy your hospitality. I shall be looking forward to that day.