Capt Andy Fraser, 04/24/1945

April 24, 1945

Dear Colonel:

Your latest letter reached me about four weeks ago. Believe it must have made a few of the Phillipine beachheads! All of my mail from Hawaii takes about two months to reach me; whereas, Phyl’s letters get here in about two weeks – sometimes in 6 or 7 days. Haven’t seen a StarBull for over three months. Out of a one year subscription, I’ve received about 25 issues.

We have recently been shown WD films of the One Puka Puka both in action and back in rest areas. Altho I searched for all the faces I should know, I was unable to recognise anyone other than a few of the enlisted men. Couldn’t find Mac who is, I guess, the only one of the original haoles left. (Have you heard from or of him?)

The outfit has been extensively publicized out here and I have heard many
complimentary remarks made.

Last time I wrote I mentioned that I was up for promotion once again. Since then my papers have been resubmitted twice. The more rapidly this fracas moves the more often the Hq. T/A is changed and cut down. They are to be resubmitted again tomorrow. (Six times in a little over eight months.) I’ve just about given up.

Phyl had a letter from Maxine Penter who told her that Joe is now on duty somewhere down south. I wrote to Joe about three weeks ago.

(Your letter had been wet during it’s travels. As a result Jim’s address as you wrote it was obliterated so I could not write to him.)

Was interrupted this morning and now perhaps I’ll be able to finish this.

Once in November and again in March I was requested for the Manila post. However, the P.I. here spiked the guns and here I stay until Lord only knows. Most of the fellows I opened this post with have been gone several months. After having worked so long together I surely miss them.

My assistant, or one of them, is a Wac shavetail – age, admitted: 48. If she ever sees 54 again I’ll eat dirt. How in heck she ever got an overseas ticket is beyond me! Whadda women! Says she knows everything there is to know about ships because she had a license to run a 38′ motor boat on the inland waters of Maine. At first, it was amusing to have her around. It took all of two days for the novelty to wear off. (She admits – even brags! – that her husband is in the pupule house.) Regards to Mrs Turner and Bert. So long for now

Andy Fraser