Andy Fraser, 11/24/44

Dear Colonel:

A few lines to extend the Seasons Greetings and say hello to you and your family.

According to the Star-Bulletin, Bert had to choose between Air Corps and the Point. Since my papers are usually from four to six weeks old by delivery time, I have yet to learn his choice. Hope it is the latter because I believe Mrs. Turner and you would prefer that.

My fancy title is Ship Liaison Officer. Strictly speaking I might be termed: The Robber of the S-W Pacific. Keeps me humping, too. Duties: Insure the “on-time” movement of ships in and out of harbor; deck, engine and steward’s supplies; bunker, water and provision every darn thing afloat from little ol y-tankers to the Queen Mary (Haven’t see her, tho.). This is supposed to be the third largest US operated port in foreign territory. You can imagine the volume of my business. The PC put a phone in my hut and assigned the number: 123 consequently I’m routed out every morning about three or four to find some cargo handling gear equipment. I really like the work and feel that I’m doing something.

Had a narrow escape short while ago. Was recommended for a majority. Approved and approved right along the line to USASOS where it was stopped when promotions were frozen pending new T/E. When the darn thing came out we were about 30% overstrength at this base! Ain’t it always so! They tell me I’ll get it some day.

Hope to move up to the Philipines some time soon – this place is dying down.

Not many people from Hawaii ashore here, so it is pleasant to meet Matson and A-P shippers, mates and engineers.

(For a short letter, I’m doing OK!)

Finally got Jim L’s address and wrote to him. No reply yet. Wrote to Joe [Center?] three weeks ago.

Phyl read in a Minneapolis paper that Sparky was at Savage as a company commander. Another that Mitz was spending a sick leave with his wife in Milwaukee. Learned that my old tapbrick had been wounded.

Not one bit of a word about Mac. Hope that no news is good news.

When I read in the Star-Bull about all the One-puka-puka boys I feel just as you say the people of Hawaii feel.

“Jeemmy” Porter is in the Philipines and still a captain. He is about due for rotation. Didn’t want it until after he’d been to P.I.

About midnite, I’d better close.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Mrs Turner, Bert and you
Andy Fraser

New Guinea
November 24, 1944

Boy I shore do git the vittles when the “White” ships come in!