Lt. Col. Blair E Henderson, 12/22/1944

Blair E. Henderson
Lt. Col. G.S.C.

New Caledonia
22 Dec 44

Dear Pop,

Right now I’m thinking of that excellent dinner Mrs. Turner had for us, the mangoes, the mint julep, and the wonderful view from the lower part of your property. When you reflect on such a situation and compare it with my present status, it is something which could cause a bit of dissatisfaction among the troops – but it doesn’t.

About the day after I had written to you, I saw your award in W.D. Orders. Congratulations.

They made a lot of generals up your way. My old boss G-4 and the G-2 both were included. Also saw some promotions to Colonel.

One of the officers who came here in our group was Capt. John Porteus. He is from Honolulu. Believe his father is a professor at the university. Porteus is a mighty fine fellow and I have grown to like him. He knows you and speaks very highly of you. Of course, I agree with him.

Received a Christmas Card yesterday picturing the Capitol with snow on the trees and ground in the foreground. Considering the weather here and realizing it is Christmas makes it hard to realize the weather condition incident to snow and cold weather. Best wishes.