Lt. Col. Blair E Henderson, March 15, 1945

Box 2930
Honolulu 2,

New Caledonia
15 March 45

Dear Pop,
Several days ago I saw a movie which featured Gen. Fielder (then Col) presenting decorations to parents of your 100th Bn. Couldn’t help but feel that it would have been most appropriate for you to be there and doing the job.

By the way, did Joe Wood ever get in touch with you? I had called our line at Sand Island last September to tell him you were back in Honolulu and to let him know that your thoughts of him were kind ones. He is, or was, director of supply at Army Port and Service Command.

My small attempt at a gift should be explained. I had caused my parents to send me a gallon of maple syrup via (Nats) NAVAL AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE. It arrived after I left and has been in Captain Tomlinson’s office since early last autumn. When Capt. Porteus went to Hawaii. I asked him to divide the syrup in qts. and give one to you. My uncle is a farmer in [Penna?] and makes about 2500 gallons of it each year. We think it is good for hot cakes and are never without it at home. Consequently, what I like I think others might like. Hope it was good & the pleasure was all mine.

Glad to hear that your son is to get into West Point. Better still I’m glad he is going there instead of being drafted on account of the fact that most drafted men are becoming infantry replacements. You know better than I do that that isn’t a healthy existence. My cour curiosity prompts me to say “How is Mrs. T getting along on the OPA?” Or, did the public criticism get to be too much for her as it has been for others who have volunteered their services?

Have not made an inch of progress toward promotion. See by the orders that a few at POA made the Colonel’s grade but I’m in my 4th year, working hard. Today I let off some steam and no doubt talked myself right out of any chance I might have had. Sometimes I’m frightfully stupid & this was one of those. Best wishes. Pleasant & happy Easter to you and Mrs. Turner.