Lt. Col. John H. Hougen, 03/26/1945

Office of the Staff Judge Advocate A.P.O. #34
New York City

26 March 1945

Lt. Col. Farrant L. Turner
Lewers & Cooke, Ltd.
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Colonel:

I was very happy to receive your Christmas card and accompanying letter. It was indeed a coincidence and, I am sure a pleasant one, that you were able to entertain General Ryder, Colonel Henderickson, and Captain Smith at your home in Honolulu.

I have extended your greetings to Colonels White and Ritchie.

Your old 100th Battalion has certainly had a rough experience. You can have the satisfaction of having lead an outfit with a record second to none in the American Army. Not one man in that outfit has been charged with misbehavior before the enemy. This record, contrasted with what we know has occurred in other units, is something of which the 100th can be inordinately proud.

Should I get a tour of duty in the Pacific after the European phase I hope I have the opportunity of visiting with you.

I assume by this time you are well orientated back to civilian life. In many ways, I envy you.

With kindest personal regards, I am

Very sincerely
Lt. Col. John H. Hougen

Hq. 34th Infantry Division,
APO #34 % Postmaster, NY.