Doc (Dr. Katsumi Kometani), Date unknown

Dear Col. –

Recvd your letter today. Glad to hear that you are still boosting the one puka puka. Again, let me thank you for your efforts which resulted in W D Cir 273 dated June 12th which gives specific directives to send all limited service men from the 100th home. I know without your letter this wouldn’t have resulted. I got a letter notifying me of that action as was promised me last March. I’ve even got a mimeographed letter from Jim few days ago of that notice & instructions for all members to take advantage of it. Well with Jim here & you there all will be well for the gang & I feel that my responsibilities for the 100th is pau. Now that this is the case, I’m free to consider and decide on several offers with surgical units. They seem to think well of my surgical ability and want me on their teams. If I decide & get away from my 4F condition you’ll be hearing via APO [number?] before long. I don’t want to take advantage of the Cir 273 yet & I’d rather see my folks when this mess is finished.

You wanted to know what’s wrong with me. Yes, the folks think that I’m out of a brace. Please let them think so. I’ve a permanent defect of my control to my left foot so that I’ll have to wear a brace. About 1/3 of my calf muscle is shot away in my left leg so I’ve a Hitler’s calling card about 4×4 carved out of my left calf. My right foot wouldn’t know if you stick a pin in it. Aside from that I’m the same as June 5, 1942. Yes, I’m permanent limited service – a 4F now but the men who’ve seen me work in Tripler feel that I can do surgery over there as well as I’m doing here and really asking that I go with them. These offers are flattering since only qualified men are chosen and all decks are cleared but they are waiting for my decision only. They are that nice about it all, but I’m going to let the main office at DC decide, whether I be sent home or go elsewhere. Anyway, if I go with them, I know one thing, they wanted me along, not like the malihini days of Camp McCoy & Shelby, because I didn’t live in Hawaii as long as the others, after all I was born there so I’ve been told.

Anyway, I really miss home & folks but a job is to be done, hoping that this be finished soon & V day comes, until then with best wishes to you and your family, I remain, as ever