Chaplain/Lt. Col. Edward M. Pennell, Jr., 01/17/1945


APO 650


17 January 1945

Colonel F L Turner
P.O. Box 2930
Honolulu, Hawaii

My dear Farrant:

Thanks for your Christmas card which came recently. I was beginning to despair of hearing from you. Things go along in about the same old way around here, which you can understand very well. I don’t see McKenzie or any of the old gang anymore, but did see them last, just before the last time they were water borne. I have had a couple of letters from Mac, and he says that the going has been kind of rough. For awhile he was the acting C.O.. as Singles had gotten hit, but in a letter written since Christmas, he reports Singles back on duty. They had been in two different sectors, and I do not know where they were for their current unhappy episodes.

How are you liking civilian life by this time. Someone told me that you almost ran for mayor, which would have been interesting. If old “Bulldog Willem” stayed with the outfit, with which he was reported, I imagine he has had some very interesting activity lately with plenty of scope for his pugnacity, and I imagine that part of our original old crowd have had some rough going out in the Philippines. It sure would be grand if somehow both of these theaters could be wound up this year, don’t worry, I’m not indulging in wishful thinking, nor do I have any sanguine hope that such will be the case, but it still would be nice.

My very best wishes to Mrs. Turner and yourself, and remember me to friends as you see them, and with warmest personal regards, Aloha Nui Loa Oe

Chaplain, 12th Air Force.