Edward T Hirokawa, 07/16/1944

July 16, 1944

Dear Colonel Turner,

To learn of your return to Honolulu from a Star Bulletin clipping sent to me makes me very happy. I hope you are in good health as you were when you left our battalion. Now that you are back in civilian life the men of the “One Puka Puka” miss you, we’ll always remember you as a father of the “One Puka Puka” for fighting for us during the difficult period of misunderstanding.

I have a favor to ask of you. I was wounded in a bombing raid on November the first and am now on permanent limited assignment status. My duties are to serve as hospital guard and life guard at the swimming pool. I was thirty-nine years old in March.

Are there any facilities making it possible for a man of my status to do my permanent limited assignment in Honolulu? I’ll be greatly indebted to you for any information that you can supply me.

During the past week, the Stars and Stripes has printed three articles about the “One Puka Puka”. The men seem to be carrying on the tradition of the “One Puka Puka”. My only hope is that the casualties are not too high for the gains made. Quite a few boys of the “Hundred” is here at the hospitals.

Lets hope that there’s an early end to this war. My best wishes and may God be with you.

Your Truly,
Edward T. Hirokawa