Eugene Kawakami, 11/15/1944

Ft. Ord, California
Wed. Nov. 15, 1944

Dear Col. Turner,

I have been wanting to write for a long time now but just couldn’t find the time. That’s my story – but now I couldn’t hold out longer.

First of all, I want to thank you for the nice things you told my wife. She was very glad to have had a chance to speak with you at the luau some time ago.

Now as for what’s happening over here, there are a bunch of “One Puka-Puka” boys just sweating out our last boat ride. Among us is M/Sgt. Kunimura. He is on rotation.

Things here are not too bad, (could be worse) K-P guard, and a few small details. Other than that and the usual G.I. snafus, we are okay. Passes every night if we want them but not for us. You know how much “Kotonks” are loved in California. However, the camp officers try to make things easy for us and keep us happy.

Last night we were honored with a special program. It was okay and the boys got a kick out of it. A few “kanakas” from another camp came over for the program and furnish the music. Coffee and doughnuts as usual, of course. I am enclosing a program of the party. Please note our Bn Insignia. No one here knows how to draw so the result is that “snafued” job.

The regimental C.O. is Col. Lynd, formerly of Schofield. M/Sgt Kunimura knows him so of course the “shooting the breeze” contest between those two was in session. I guess Kuni won out.

Well Sir, thanks a lot again and Aloha from all the boys here.

Eugene Kawakami.