George (Bud) Faulder, October 17, 1944

303 Jackson Building
Asheville North Carolina

October 17, 1944

Holst and Edwards Adv. Agency,
% Castle and Cook Building,
Honolulu, Hawaii,
ATT: Mr. Hoist.

My Dear Mr. Holst:

I recently received a letter from Mr. Farrant L. Turner, in which he stated that he had mentioned me to you, and that a sort of background letter from me would be in order.

I attended the University of Michigan for two and one-half years, and upon leaving school went to New York where I was employed by Erwin Wasey & Co. Advertising Agency. I am sure you are aware of the fact that Erwin Wasey & Co. start their employees by giving them a fundamental idea of just what the agency does, and how it does it. I started in the shopping room at $65.00 per month and made my rounds of the various departments within the organization. Two weeks in research, a month in publicity, a month in production, etc. I subsequently became a member of the radio department, which was what I desired most, and for about six months worked on live production and radio research. I was becoming more and more interested in the broadcasting end of the game, and with the encouragement of Mr. Ed Fitzgerald, the head of the radio department, I studied mike technique, and all of the essential fundamentals that go toward making a radio personality. My instructor was Mr. Ernest Cutting, who was for 10 years talent director for NBC in New York,

After finishing, I was able to make quite a few discs for the agency — such as Lydia Binkam and Harvester Cigar, My NBC contacts at the time were good, and when I was given the opportunity of taking a spot with WMC in Memphis, I fairly leaped at the chance to get some good experience, In Memphis I started as a staff announcer. I was soon in charge of all “special events” broadcasts, and did a great deal of network announcing.

Along about this time there was an opening at the station for a public relations, merchandising and promotions man, and I persuaded superiors to give me a crack at it. I continued at the station in that capacity until entering the Army,

WMC is a Scripps-Howard station, and works side by side with the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, one of the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain, WMC was at that time the third largest earning unit in the entire Scripps-Howard chain and experience gained there might very easily be classified at invaluable.
At present, I am assigned to the Ashville Army recruiting station, and am the public relations officer

for a district comprised of sections of two states. The work is almost identical to my civil life occupation — so my fingers are still in the pie, so to speak.

That’s, briefly, my background to date. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you concerning any possibilities there might be for me in Honolulu after the war. Mr. Turner has practically sold me on the Islands, and after his descriptions, one would almost be afraid to live elsewhere.

You might be interested in these personal statistics: 24 years of age, married, a son, two years old. I’m 6 feet 2 1/2 inches tall and weigh 205 pounds.

Thanking you for the interest you have expressed through Mr. Turner, I am

Very truly yours,