George Landy, 04/24/1945

Volunteer Geo. Landy
Amer. Field Service
A.P.O. 464 N.Y.
Apr. 24/45

Dear Farrant,

Aloha! Thanks for Xmas greetings- glad to know you are back in Hawaii-nei- joined up with this volunteer outfit some months back as an ambulance driver and have had a most stimulating experience up here. Came over on a fast troopship several months back and found a lot of ships officers aboard that I had travelled with in more peaceful days- We were officer privileges in camp in U.S. on the ship and generally in Italy but can’t demand anything beyond treatment as privates. Managed to [wrangle?] a sail on several days down Naples way and took in several operas, but sure bit right into the job up here and until the last few days have been quite busy- We do not serve with U.S. troops but are part of the British Army.

My ambulance (named “Kuuipo”) was hit by shrapnel my first night up here, but I was not in it at that time. Since then have been dusted off with shell fragments but no material damage. Have had lots of wounded since the push started (lots of them non-english speaking units to whom I was temporarily attached in the mountains). The night driving with no lights except gun flashes etc is very exciting over some of the filthy roads up here but we are now in flat country and always generally are easier. Most of my work has been with A.A.Ps so far.

Ted is very well in Oriental [Apts.?] [Illegible ] around where she will probably stay until I am back after the Pacific show is there. My best to you all and I hope Bert is O.K. Give Helen a large kiss for me and please write me – George