H. Kawano, 07/16/1945

16 July 1945

Dear Col. Turner,

Received your letter a couple of days ago, and I can see that t went right back to Hawaii again and then came back this way. It was a long time in reaching me. Thank you, sir, in remembering me.

In reference to that article in the Star- Bulletin, I don’t remember talking to any newspaper man. I guess that’s the way it is with newspapers and whoever wrote that must have received information from Tomita or someone in my former S-1 section.

After my 30 day recuperation period in Oklahoma, I asked for assignment in Hawaii, but the W.D. turned it down and assigned me to this fort for duty. I assumed too hastily, I believe, that I would probably get a desk job. But now I’m all set to study this Japanese language as a student officer. The catch is this- that soon after graduation all graduates are alerted for overseas shipment.

Col, I was wondering whether you can influence some high ranking officers in Washington inside tracking all original 100th Inf Bn men and officers from Ft. Snelling. Of course, if any of them should volunteer for it- it’s ok. I honestly believe that they went through enough in Italy and France. The policy of this school, I understand, is one of volunteering by EM and officers to get into this service, but since this school has such a high priority in all things, they are more or less getting high-handed and are grabbing everybody they can, regardless of overseas service in the other theater.

I, personally, don’t mind learning this language on condition that I don’t see front line service. I am sick and wear of seeing mutilated and dead bodies, and I guess that rest of the boys feel the same. Of course, my only resort is to get into Civil affairs, but here again I may be turned down.

I am waiting to get information on Doc Kometani and Koga on whether they will be discharged or not. You see, I have enough points with 143 and an efficiency rating of 445.

Col, that is a load off my chest and I will appreciate hearing from you on this matter.

H. Kawano